Ride-In Movie – Easy Rider Event Report

The Saturday, 18FEB2017 Ride-In Movie “Easy Rider” was a blast from the past.

Attending the movie was most enjoyable however there were not as many bikers attending as I thought there would be. Don’t get me wrong, there was a good turnout so I’m not complaining. 🙂 I think everyone enjoyed seeing Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson again in their young respective roles.

Cowboy HD surprised everyone by changing the advertised menu. Instead of providing popcorn as advertised they provided plenty (at least 20 boxes) of fresh pizza and keg beer! I bet the turnout would have been much better had people known they were going to receive a good meal instead of just popcorn. 😉

The outdoor screen was different to any I had seen before. It resembled a flat wall of one of those inflatable bounce houses, and there was a good sound system.

The movie was started just after sundown when there was still a lot of light in the sky.

The first few minutes of the movie was a little washed out because of this but that didn’t last long.

The rear-projection picture was clear once it got dark.  We enjoyed a brisk, clear evening sky, a good movie, and the camaraderie of other bikers.

This is normally where I would end an event review however this Old-School biker is going to take the opportunity to wax nostalgic. Easy Rider brought back a lot of memories of both life and riding in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s… some good, some bad. The period music was great, and contrary to a lot of the so-called music today actually said something, with meaning, and complimented the scene(s) it was played with. Whoever chose the specific locations for filming did great!  A significant amount of beautiful scenery, iconic old towns, even shanty areas accurately depicted the era. The desert ruins were **exactly** like the ones I remember on a ride through west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona on US-90 and US-60/70 during the 70’s, and the “old-fashioned” store fronts were what I grew up with in a small town. Even the depiction of a commune, something that was common during that era, fit neatly into the overall theme. “Back then” there was virtually no visible pollution and plenty of crystal clear skies. Riding was often a pleasure with little traffic and gorgeous views in most places.

Unfortunately there were also “accepted” drawbacks during that time period, especially for bikers, which the movie depicted rather well. The diner scene showed both a budding fascination with bikers, especially among young people who had been taught strict, sometimes Puritanical, “core values” from an early age, and the prevailing prejudice against anyone who was different to an area’s “norm”, especially if they had long hair. The general public didn’t understand a person’s need for individual freedom as was quite accurately explained in Jack Nicholson’s freedom speech to Dennis Hopper. Most people thought you were out-of-sync to want something other than the status-quo, either in appearance or attitude, and were considered a truly bad person should you actually pursue your own version of personal freedom like riding a motorcycle whether it be locally or God-forbid cross-country. Bikers were all considered as “outlaws” on sight and were seldom given the chance to prove otherwise.

The television show “Then Came Bronson”, which came out at approximately the same time as “Easy Rider”, attempted to correct this stereotype by showing a lone biker trying to influence people’s lives for change/good, and is the primary catalyst that caused me to fall in love with both motorcycles and the open road. Of course “Easy Rider” solidified this desire. 🙂 As the movie showed, it was often difficult for a biker to even get a motel room, one reason I often chose to find a nice tucked away spot most nights when on the road. Getting a room just wasn’t worth the hassle **and** the worry of what might happen to your bike once you fell asleep. Fortunately the general public’s acceptance of bikers has significantly improved over the years. Now a biker is often the subject of fascination and (good) envy. I can’t count the number of times in the past few years that (non-biker) people have struck up starry-eyed conversations with me at gas stations and diners, much like the one held at a traffic light during the “Then Came Bronson” opening credits, when I’m traveling on my bike. Those conversations usually end with my saying something like, “Well, you ought to try it. I bet you’d love it.”

In closing I must say I wish the end of the movie had been different, and heard comments from those around me expressing the same opinion as I was preparing to leave… in different words of course. No, I’m not going to spoil the ending for you by elaborating in case you haven’t yet seen this iconic movie. You’ll just have to find that out for yourself.

I sincerely hope Cowboy HD makes ride-in movies a somewhat regular occurrence in the future. 🙂


Cinco de Mayo Celebration – 05MAY2017

Enjoy a Cinco de Mayo lunch with Dixie Riders™ Motorcycle Club!

When? 15MAY2017 12 Noon to 1:30PM
Where? Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant – 4414 Dowlen Rd #101, Beaumont, TX 77706

This is an **open** event.  Non-Dixie Riders™ Motorcycle Club members not only **welcome** but **encouraged** to attend.

Dixie Riders™ MC will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Beaumont, TX at the Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant on Friday, 05MAY2017 from 12Noon to 1:30pm.

This restaurant is one of the best Mexican food restaurants in the Golden Triangle. They have a wide variety of entrees, deserts, and lunch specials. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served. You can view their menu by clicking HERE.

GPS Coordinates = 30°07’16.1″N 94°09’33.4″W

Please base your behavior and clothing choice(s) with regard for the families and other non-DRMC™ people attending.

As always, we hope you are able to come out and join us for our Cinco de Mayo celebration.  If you are a non-DRMC™ member who wishes to attend please let us know you will be there by using the Contact Us link so we will know how many people to expect and can make a point of meeting you.

Cost: Free Admission. Food Prices = Entrees range from around $2.25 to $18.00 depending upon your menu choice. Lunch specials are also available.

Dress Code: Street Clothes OK. Bike Wear, including colors, welcomed.

Hawgs And Dawgs – 18MAR2017

What could be better than an afternoon of hot dogs or links right off the grill… AND motorcycles!?!

When? 18MAR2017  Noon to 3:00PM
Where? Cowboy Harley Davidson – 1150 Interstate 10 S. Access Rd Beaumont, TX 77707 – exit 851

Come enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, music, along with the Dixie Riders™ Motorcycle Club and other bikers.

This is an **open** event.  Non-Dixie Riders™ Motorcycle Club members not only **welcome** but **encouraged** to attend.

GPS Coordinates = 30°03’59.0″N 94°08’07.8″W

This event is to bring bikers together for an enjoyable afternoon outdoors with fun, food (hot dogs or smoked sausages), and musical entertainment while enjoying the camaraderie of other bikers and like-minded people.

Attendance will include bikers, ** their families**, and other members of the public. Please base your behavior and clothing choice(s) with regard for the families and other non-club people attending.

As always, we hope you are able to come out and join us for this delicious, and fun, event.  If you are a non-DRMC™ member who wishes to attend please let us know you will be there by using the Contact Us link so we will know how many people to expect and can make a point of meeting you.

Cost: Free Admission. Food Prices: Typically no charge for food or drinks unless there is a fund-raiser going on at the same time. Food prices during fund-raisers are normally around $5 per person and include side(s) and beverage(s).

Dress Code: Street Clothes OK. Bike Wear, including colors, welcomed.

Hawgs And Dawgs Event Report

The Saturday, 11FEB2017 “Hawgs And Dawgs” event held at Cowboy Harley Davidson in Beaumont, TX was a bit different than their usual “Hawgs And Dawgs”.

Hawgs And Dawgs2This time the food and beverages was still free however the Humane Society Of Southeast Texas was there with 4 of their furry friends that were available for adoption.

Humane Society - Cowboy HD_11FEB2017 900x675Attendance was good for a fundraiser and the enormous hot dogs served were delicious!

Dawgs Being Cooked - H and D Event 11FEB2017 _Cropped

Of course the “National Beer Of Texas” was served!  By the way… Texas Independence Day is on Thursday, 02MAR2017Lone Star Beer Can _ CroppedSome of the bikers even brought their friendly 4-legged companions as well.

Booger - Hawgs And Dawgs - Cowboy HD 11SEP2017 900x677

We were entertained by “Curse And The Cure” a male/female combo.

Curse And The Cure - Cowboy HD_11FB2017This combo is from Port Arthur in southeast Texas. According to their website https://curseandthecure.com/ they have had the pleasure of opening for national/regional acts such as: Reba McEntire, The Charlie Daniels Band, Pat Green, The Damn Quails, Midnight River Choir and more!

Everyone there seemed to have a good time and enjoyed not only the entertainment but the food and visiting with the dogs that were up for adoption as well.

Upcoming Events – December 2012

Here are the events I’m aware of for December 2012.  If you know of any other events please send me the details, including a valid website link, so I can add them.  Events without their own website, or substantial information page/flyer, will not be added.  I also do not list “events” that are basically only advertising MC dealers or parts stores with only a reference to some brief customer-grabbing event.  I’m not against these retailers, some are close friends, however this type of “event” is considered to only be for the benefit of the retailer.

If you’re looking for an event to attend, but not finding quite what you’re looking for, check back here periodically.  I add new events as soon as possible after I’m informed about them.

New – When Possible, I Will Begin Including A Link To Charities Benefited By Various Events (if the event link does not explain the charity) So You Will Be Able To Check Them Out.

Also, it seems there are more and more “clothing optional” events now.  I have nothing against these personally, however since I am trying to keep this blog/site either “G” or “PG” rated so our youth can come here to learn about motorcycle related events I will not be posting information regarding these events.

Please click HERE for information about Event Photos.

As many of you already know, December is a slow month for rallies and events.  This list will be updated as I learn of additional events.

December 2012 Events

1st – 4th, Thur-Sun – Lakeland, FL – Roscoes Chili Challenge –  http://www.roscoeschilichallenge.com/

1st, Sat – Orlando, FL – 2nd Annual Toys For Tots Open Show –http://www.highperformancepromotions.com/index.php/events/icalrepeat.detail/2012/12/01/49/40%7C34%7C41%7C43%7C42/2nd-annual-toys-for-tots-car-show.html

1st, Sat – Punta Gorda, FL – Toys For Children Trike Shari Memorial Toy Run – Escorted Ride To Arcadia – http://www.facebook.com/events/485436834814911/

1st, Sat – Tallahassee, FL – Capital City Bike Fest & Swap Meet – http://www.ability1st.info/bikefest

1st, Sat – Calhoun, GA – Annual David Burchett Memorial Poker Run & BBQ Cookoff – Proceeds From Event Benefits The United Way – http://www.smokinupthecampground.com/forms/Poker%20Run%20Information.pdf

1st, Sat – Roswell, GA – Born To Ride Toy Drive And Kickoff Bash – Route Is From Roswell to Helen, GA – http://www.borntoride.com/ga/index.html

1st, Sat – Greenville, TN – Greene County Toys For Tots Toy Run – http://www.greenevillesun.com/Neighbor/article/Motorcycle-Run-Set-for-Saurday-id-322193

1st, Sat – Raleigh, NC – Toys For Tots Ride – http://rayprice.com/activities

1st, Sat – Dallas, TX – 15th Annual Mesquite Santa Cop Toy Parade – http://cmascr4.org/pdf/SANTA%20COP%20FLYER%20COLOR%20revised.pdf

1st, Sat – McKinney, TX – DFW Toys For Tots Motorcycle Run – http://dfw-tft-mr.org/

2nd, Sun – Vacaville, AL – ABATE 17 Annual Toy Run – http://www.abate17.org/calendar.html

2nd, Sun – Webster, FL – Webster Swap Meet & Show – http://www.cyclemeet.com/

2nd, Sun – Lakeland, FL – 29th Annual Toy Run & Skills On Wheels Motorcycle Rodeo – http://polk.abateflorida.com/flyers/2012ToyRun.pdf

2nd, Sun – Brooklyn, NY – Annual Senior Citizens Benefit Party – https://www.facebook.com/events/268836539903607/

8th, Sat – Mayflower, AR – 11th Annual Christmas In The Park Parade – http://www.cityofmayflower.com/

9th, Sun – Clearwater, FL – Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Show – http://thunderpromo.com/dealer-days/

9th, Sun – Fort Pierce, FL – 2012 St. Lucie County Toy Run – https://www.facebook.com/StLucieCountyToyRun

More Event Information To Be Posted Soon

Major Events Nationwide

Note: This post will also become a permanent part of the website as a “Page”.

All Months


March 9th – 18th (Fri – Sun) – Spring Bike Week 2012 – Annual Spring Rally http://www.daytonachamber.com/daytonabikeweek/

October 18th – 21st (Fri – Mon) – Biketoberfest 2012 – Annual Fall Rally http://www.biketoberfest.org/


November 1st – 4th (Fri – Mon) – Lone Star Rally – Annual Rally http://www.lonestarrally.com/ ** NOTE – Other sources are listing the rally date(s) incorrectly.  This Is The Correct Date(s) For The 2012 Lone Star Rally **


June 9th – 17th (Sun – Mon) – Bike Week 2012 – Annual Rally http://www.laconiamcweek.com/  ** NOTEOther sources are listing the rally date(s) incorrectly.  This Is The Correct Date(s) For The 2012 Laconia Rally **


May 2nd – 6th (Thu – Mon) – Thunder Beach Rally – Annual Spring Rally http://www.thunderbeachproductions.com/

October 10th – 14th (Thu – Mon) – Thunder Beach Fall Rally – Annual Fall Rally http://www.thunderbeachproductions.com/


August 6th – 12th (Tue – Mon) – Bike Week – 71st Annual Rally http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/