Upcoming Events – December 2012

Here are the events I’m aware of for December 2012.  If you know of any other events please send me the details, including a valid website link, so I can add them.  Events without their own website, or substantial information page/flyer, will not be added.  I also do not list “events” that are basically only advertising MC dealers or parts stores with only a reference to some brief customer-grabbing event.  I’m not against these retailers, some are close friends, however this type of “event” is considered to only be for the benefit of the retailer.

If you’re looking for an event to attend, but not finding quite what you’re looking for, check back here periodically.  I add new events as soon as possible after I’m informed about them.

New – When Possible, I Will Begin Including A Link To Charities Benefited By Various Events (if the event link does not explain the charity) So You Will Be Able To Check Them Out.

Also, it seems there are more and more “clothing optional” events now.  I have nothing against these personally, however since I am trying to keep this blog/site either “G” or “PG” rated so our youth can come here to learn about motorcycle related events I will not be posting information regarding these events.

Please click HERE for information about Event Photos.

As many of you already know, December is a slow month for rallies and events.  This list will be updated as I learn of additional events.

December 2012 Events

1st – 4th, Thur-Sun – Lakeland, FL – Roscoes Chili Challenge –  http://www.roscoeschilichallenge.com/

1st, Sat – Orlando, FL – 2nd Annual Toys For Tots Open Show –http://www.highperformancepromotions.com/index.php/events/icalrepeat.detail/2012/12/01/49/40%7C34%7C41%7C43%7C42/2nd-annual-toys-for-tots-car-show.html

1st, Sat – Punta Gorda, FL – Toys For Children Trike Shari Memorial Toy Run – Escorted Ride To Arcadia – http://www.facebook.com/events/485436834814911/

1st, Sat – Tallahassee, FL – Capital City Bike Fest & Swap Meet – http://www.ability1st.info/bikefest

1st, Sat – Calhoun, GA – Annual David Burchett Memorial Poker Run & BBQ Cookoff – Proceeds From Event Benefits The United Way – http://www.smokinupthecampground.com/forms/Poker%20Run%20Information.pdf

1st, Sat – Roswell, GA – Born To Ride Toy Drive And Kickoff Bash – Route Is From Roswell to Helen, GA – http://www.borntoride.com/ga/index.html

1st, Sat – Greenville, TN – Greene County Toys For Tots Toy Run – http://www.greenevillesun.com/Neighbor/article/Motorcycle-Run-Set-for-Saurday-id-322193

1st, Sat – Raleigh, NC – Toys For Tots Ride – http://rayprice.com/activities

1st, Sat – Dallas, TX – 15th Annual Mesquite Santa Cop Toy Parade – http://cmascr4.org/pdf/SANTA%20COP%20FLYER%20COLOR%20revised.pdf

1st, Sat – McKinney, TX – DFW Toys For Tots Motorcycle Run – http://dfw-tft-mr.org/

2nd, Sun – Vacaville, AL – ABATE 17 Annual Toy Run – http://www.abate17.org/calendar.html

2nd, Sun – Webster, FL – Webster Swap Meet & Show – http://www.cyclemeet.com/

2nd, Sun – Lakeland, FL – 29th Annual Toy Run & Skills On Wheels Motorcycle Rodeo – http://polk.abateflorida.com/flyers/2012ToyRun.pdf

2nd, Sun – Brooklyn, NY – Annual Senior Citizens Benefit Party – https://www.facebook.com/events/268836539903607/

8th, Sat – Mayflower, AR – 11th Annual Christmas In The Park Parade – http://www.cityofmayflower.com/

9th, Sun – Clearwater, FL – Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Show – http://thunderpromo.com/dealer-days/

9th, Sun – Fort Pierce, FL – 2012 St. Lucie County Toy Run – https://www.facebook.com/StLucieCountyToyRun

More Event Information To Be Posted Soon


A Longer Ride

The ride described in this post occurred on Friday, 07SEP2012

A Longer Ride – AKA Popcorn Overlook Ride

Business has now slowed down to the point where I can spend more time riding my bike.  Last night I went over the chrome with a soft rag to remove the little spots left by the rain splashing in the mud next to the bike’s cover.  If you don’t remember my discussing the cover you can click HERE to catch up on that.  Once I was satisfied I got them all I put together some snacks for the upcoming ride, made sure my rain gear was in its place, checked tire pressures, the oil level, and the lighting.  I also checked to see if I had placed the little repair kit I had put together in the side bag next to the Honda tool set, and made sure the spare oil and brake fluid were in the other side bag in case I needed to top something off while I was out.  Everything was as it should have been so I shut off the lights, came inside and went to bed.

After a restless night’s sleep, probably due to my excitement about the upcoming ride, I got up at 6:30am, had breakfast, then double checked the bike’s lighting.  I know I had checked that last night, but since I was starting out a little before dawn, in fog, I felt it wise to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.  I also put on my lime green safety vest with wide reflective strips.  I felt a little silly wearing it, but safety comes first, pride second.  Before I took her off the center stand I reset the previous trip information in the travel computer, turned the key and pressed the start button.  She fired right up as I expected her to, revved up a little to add some more charge to the battery, and warm the engine, then slowed to its normal idle speed.  Time to ride!

As I turned onto the 4-lane highway the brisk morning air felt good.  It’s been hot here recently and the brief coolness was welcomed.  My bike accelerated quickly to the speed limit, then purred softly as our speed evened out.  Being on the road this early in the day is nice.  There’s not a lot of traffic to contend with, and one can hear the rushing of the water in the nearby river along with the soft song of the tree frogs and insects.  As contented as I was to dwell on these thoughts it was now time to decide what today’s destination would be.  I prefer to just ride and go where my thoughts and desires take me, but this time I wanted to time my return to a time I could meet my bike’s PO (previous owner) since he was wanting to see what I had done with his former baby.

I already knew I wanted to head South, but did not have a particular destination in mind.  After considering the different ride times to/from several points of interest I decided upon visiting a place called Popcorn Overlook in North Georgia, a few miles West of Clayton, GA on US-74.  Since I’ve been past there a number of times in my car I knew the ride on my bike would be especially scenic once the fog lifted.

Popcorn Overlook is a nice little rest area that overlooks the Southern spine of the Appalachian Mountains, more specifically the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are 2 concrete picnic tables and some “interpretive” signs.

When looking out over the split-rail fence, if it were possible to see through a few ridgelines, you would be looking at Fontana Lake somewhere near the hydro-electric dam.

As I pulled into the parking area I was greeted by a Harley owner who was en route to the Georgia State H.O.G. rally a few miles further to the West in Hiawassee, Georgia.  After exchanging pleasantries, and looking over each other’s bikes, he headed off to enjoy the rally, and I decided it was time for a drink and a couple of the snacks I’d packed.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later I cranked up my bike and headed back to Clayton, GA.  A few miles West of the city limits I stopped at the Jones Bridge Overlook near the shore of Lake Burton.

The overlook is actually a tiny picnic area with only two tables, one on either end of the parking area.  What the overlook lacks in size it makes up for in its view of the lake.

After watching a couple of fisherman ride past in their boats I continued my journey toward Clayton.  At the Western edge of the city limit is an old abandoned elementary school the town has put to good use as a City Hall, Police Department, and several other city offices.

A little further along, at the edge of what locals would call “The Square”, which is Clayton’s downtown area, is an appliance resale shop.  This isn’t just any resale shop, it’s one that specializes in antique appliances.

The items for sale there have been restored to like-new condition.  This shop is a “must” for those who are decorating their house, or business, retro style.

From here I went to the local McDonald’s for some sweet tea, then resumed my trip home.  All in all, fog aside, it was a great trip with little traffic and some wonderful views of the Appalachian Mountains and Georgia farm lands.  The weather cooperated nicely with the temps averaging around 75 degrees Farenheit and blue rain-free sky dotted by a few non-threatening clouds.  I could ride a lot with conditions like this!  🙂

Click HERE For Full Size Photos, And Other Photos Of This Ride Not Posted Here

Happy (and safe) Biking!

Road Ready


After months of repairing mouse-chew damage, electrical malfunctions, and rust-frozen mechanisms my bike is finally road-ready!  Yes, I know, some of you are thinking, “It’s about time!”.  LOL  I finished up all of the repairs that were needed to be able to put it on the road, did a quick cleaning, and loaded it on a trailer to take to a local motorcycle repair shop for a safety check.

Before you ask… I didn’t ride it there because one of the repairs involved the brakes.  I trust my repair abilities, and a cursory check of the brakes showed they were working fine, however it’s been years since I’ve rebuilt a brake system from the reservoir down, and most of my riding for the next couple of months will be in the mountains.  There’s a time and place to be brave, macho, and self-assured, but mountains are not the place you want to hope there isn’t some little thing wrong that a second set of eyes may catch.  A second opinion could keep that little thing from becoming a major thing while headed down a steep grade or around a sharp curve with a 500 or more foot drop only a few inches away from you.  There’s not a whole lot of time to come up with an exit-strategy in situations like those.

When I got to the shop the owner helped me unload my bike, then we discussed what I wanted them to check.  When I finished, he explained what else he would want to address.  I was glad to see he took an interest in my bike, and not treat me/it like it was just another job.  I had talked with him many times before about parts and repairs and felt comfortable leaving this job in his hands.

I headed home with an empty trailer as well as an empty feeling.  I was leaving my baby “alone” under the care of somebody else.  Later that evening when I looked out on the spot my bike normally occupies I felt sort of like a parent whose child was away for their first sleepover.  The shop called about mid-day the following day to let me know they had finished and I could pick up my bike.  When I got there my bike was sitting outside waiting for me.  If bikes could give you the look of “you left me with a stranger”, I would have sworn she did, but I know it was my own mind regretting having to temporarily part with her.

The report was great.  Everything is in good working order with the exception of the throttle.  It works okay, and is not a safety hazard, but it’s not springing back quite as fast as it should.  A new cable will correct that, but it’ll have to wait until I can save up a few extra bucks.  This winter sounds like a good time to do that.  😉 The owner even told me he wouldn’t hesitate to hop on the bike and head off for California.  Not bad for a bike that’s 27 years old!

Unless I’m doing a ride report I’m not typically one to recommend a person or service, but I’m going to do so in this case.  As I said before I’ve had many discussions with the shop owner about parts and repairs.  As picky as I am about my bike(s) I’m not one bit uneasy about recommending this shop, so if you’re ever in the Eastern TN or Western NC area and need to have something done to your bike check with the folks at Precision Cycle Motorsports on US-23/74 in Sylva, NC.  Of course you can always check them out HERE as well.  I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Happy (and safe) Biking!