How To Repair Or Maintain

This page is dedicated to tried-and-true “how to” posts.  Links to information on the maintenance and repairs I have performed on my 1985 Honda GL1200 Limited Edition will be posted here.

Fuel Filter Replacement = Honda To Non-Honda Filter

Happy (and safe) Biking!


4 thoughts on “How To Repair Or Maintain

  1. Bought a 85 Goldwing GL 1200 CFI with fuel system trouble was told that the fuel filter is obsolete with no replacement, also not sure if this bikes fuel system Is run off vacuum or not., just would like to know if this model / year bike is known to have fuel system problems, & is there any helpful tips that would help me to get it back on the road.

    • Hi Bob. The original fuel filter is obsolete, although I have seen them pop up from time to time on Ebay by people who claim to have found spare filters after disposing of their bikes. There is, or at least used to be, a Fram replacement. I haven’t looked lately to see if it is still available because I purchased several years worth as a safeguard when I first started working on my bike and found the originals were no longer available. I’ll have to go to my storage building to check on the part number and will try to remember to get back to you with it in a day or two. If you don’t have a reply in a couple of days remind me. Also, the plastic in-line filters advertised as a “work around” for the original filter will NOT work on this bike. The pressure of the fuel system will cause them to rupture, something you definitely don’t want happening around a hot engine or exhaust pipe.

      As for the type of fuel delivery system… not being a mechanic I can only assume it is pump driven because of the above pressure statement. It is certainly not gravity fed since it’s CFI. I’m a member of several Gold Wing forums and don’t recall seeing any posts that would indicate any “across the board” problems with the fuel system, nor have I experienced any myself.

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