Ride-In Movie – Easy Rider Event Report

The Saturday, 18FEB2017 Ride-In Movie “Easy Rider” was a blast from the past.

Attending the movie was most enjoyable however there were not as many bikers attending as I thought there would be. Don’t get me wrong, there was a good turnout so I’m not complaining. 🙂 I think everyone enjoyed seeing Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson again in their young respective roles.

Cowboy HD surprised everyone by changing the advertised menu. Instead of providing popcorn as advertised they provided plenty (at least 20 boxes) of fresh pizza and keg beer! I bet the turnout would have been much better had people known they were going to receive a good meal instead of just popcorn. 😉

The outdoor screen was different to any I had seen before. It resembled a flat wall of one of those inflatable bounce houses, and there was a good sound system.

The movie was started just after sundown when there was still a lot of light in the sky.

The first few minutes of the movie was a little washed out because of this but that didn’t last long.

The rear-projection picture was clear once it got dark.  We enjoyed a brisk, clear evening sky, a good movie, and the camaraderie of other bikers.

This is normally where I would end an event review however this Old-School biker is going to take the opportunity to wax nostalgic. Easy Rider brought back a lot of memories of both life and riding in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s… some good, some bad. The period music was great, and contrary to a lot of the so-called music today actually said something, with meaning, and complimented the scene(s) it was played with. Whoever chose the specific locations for filming did great!  A significant amount of beautiful scenery, iconic old towns, even shanty areas accurately depicted the era. The desert ruins were **exactly** like the ones I remember on a ride through west Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona on US-90 and US-60/70 during the 70’s, and the “old-fashioned” store fronts were what I grew up with in a small town. Even the depiction of a commune, something that was common during that era, fit neatly into the overall theme. “Back then” there was virtually no visible pollution and plenty of crystal clear skies. Riding was often a pleasure with little traffic and gorgeous views in most places.

Unfortunately there were also “accepted” drawbacks during that time period, especially for bikers, which the movie depicted rather well. The diner scene showed both a budding fascination with bikers, especially among young people who had been taught strict, sometimes Puritanical, “core values” from an early age, and the prevailing prejudice against anyone who was different to an area’s “norm”, especially if they had long hair. The general public didn’t understand a person’s need for individual freedom as was quite accurately explained in Jack Nicholson’s freedom speech to Dennis Hopper. Most people thought you were out-of-sync to want something other than the status-quo, either in appearance or attitude, and were considered a truly bad person should you actually pursue your own version of personal freedom like riding a motorcycle whether it be locally or God-forbid cross-country. Bikers were all considered as “outlaws” on sight and were seldom given the chance to prove otherwise.

The television show “Then Came Bronson”, which came out at approximately the same time as “Easy Rider”, attempted to correct this stereotype by showing a lone biker trying to influence people’s lives for change/good, and is the primary catalyst that caused me to fall in love with both motorcycles and the open road. Of course “Easy Rider” solidified this desire. 🙂 As the movie showed, it was often difficult for a biker to even get a motel room, one reason I often chose to find a nice tucked away spot most nights when on the road. Getting a room just wasn’t worth the hassle **and** the worry of what might happen to your bike once you fell asleep. Fortunately the general public’s acceptance of bikers has significantly improved over the years. Now a biker is often the subject of fascination and (good) envy. I can’t count the number of times in the past few years that (non-biker) people have struck up starry-eyed conversations with me at gas stations and diners, much like the one held at a traffic light during the “Then Came Bronson” opening credits, when I’m traveling on my bike. Those conversations usually end with my saying something like, “Well, you ought to try it. I bet you’d love it.”

In closing I must say I wish the end of the movie had been different, and heard comments from those around me expressing the same opinion as I was preparing to leave… in different words of course. No, I’m not going to spoil the ending for you by elaborating in case you haven’t yet seen this iconic movie. You’ll just have to find that out for yourself.

I sincerely hope Cowboy HD makes ride-in movies a somewhat regular occurrence in the future. 🙂


Ride-In Movie – Easy Rider

ride-in-movie-night-18feb2017The Iconic Movie “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson is being shown in Beaumont, TX at Cowboy HD on Saturday, 18FEB2017 beginning at 6:00pm. **Yes, you read it right!!** This is going to be a (motorcycle) Ride-In outdoor movie! The movie lasts approximately 1.5 hours, however please consider doing a little mingling before and after the movie.

**** This is an OPEN event. Non-Dixie Riders Motorcycle Club members are not only WELCOME but ENCOURAGED to attend.  ****

If you prefer not to ride your bike, or don’t own a bike, then you are more than welcome to bring a lawn chair for each person in your group who will be attending.

In case you need a reminder of just how iconic Easy Rider is HERE’S a clip of the start of the movie featuring Steppenwolf’s mega hit song, “Born To Be Wild”, a song that expressed many a biker’s feelings toward the road. 🙂

GPS Coordinates = 30°03’59.0″N 94°08’07.8″W

This event is to bring bikers together for an enjoyable outdoor event classic (drive-in) style.

There will be FREE Popcorn and Beverages. You may bring other food if you wish. No coolers please.

Attendance will include bikers, ** their families**, and other members of the public. Please base your behavior and clothing choice(s) with regard for the families and other non-club people attending.

As always, we hope you are able to come out and join us for the first the first ever motorcycle ride-in movie!

Upcoming Events – July 2012

Here are the events I’m aware of for July 2012.  If you know of any other events please send me the details, including a valid website link, so I can add them.  Events without their own website, or substantial information page/flyer, will not be added.  I also do not list “events” that are basically only advertising MC dealers or parts stores with only a reference to some brief customer-grabbing event.  I’m not against these retailers, some are close friends, however this type of “event” is considered to only be for the benefit of the retailer.

If you’re looking for an event to attend, but not finding quite what you’re looking for, check back here periodically.  I add new events as soon as possible after I’m informed about them.

July 2012 Events

June 30 – July 8, Sat-Sun –  Andrews, NC – Rally At The Dragon’s Valley – * Most Sources Are Showing This To Be From July 1st – July 9th.  The Dates Shown Here Are The Correct Dates * – http://www.facebook.com/events/351801681513972/

2nd – 4th, Mon-Wed – Bedford, IA – Across The Border Raid Motorcycle Rally – * Other Sources Are Showing The July Dates For This Rally.  The Correct Dates For This Rally Are AUGUST 2nd – 4th, Thurs-Sat * http://www.acrosstheborderraid.com/

3rd – 7th, Tue-Sat – Hardy, AR – Spring River Rally – http://www.springriverrally.com/

4th – 7th, Wed-Sat – Fort Wayne, IN – Wing Ding 34 –  Features The Newest In Gold Wing Products And Almost Every Motorcycling Accessory – http://www.wing-ding.org/

4th – 8th, Wed-Sun – Newport, KY – Newport Motorcycle Rally – http://www.newportmotorcyclerally.com/

5th – 8th, Thur-Sun – Hagerstown, MD – Hagerstown Bike Week 2012 – http://www.hagerstownbikeweek.com/

5th – 7th, Thur-Sun – Algona, IA – ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally – http://www.abateiowafreedomrally.com/

6th – 8th, Fri-Sun – Yreka, CA – Ride In The Light Rally – Benefits The Disabled –http://www.rideinthelightrally.com/

7th, Sat – Greenville, SC – First Saturday Cookout – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Roadhouse-Saloon/391057254252498

8th, Sun – Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Area Swap Meet – http://www.jwswapmeet.com/Admiraltwin.html

8th, Sun – South Bend, IN – Northern Indiana Ride For Kids – Benefits The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/northern-indiana.html

8th, Sun – Peotone, IL – 28th Annual Motorcycle Show And Swap Meet – http://paragonspromotion.com/events/28th-peotone-motorcycle-show-parts-expo-indoor-outdoor-event-2/

10th – 12th, Tue-Thurs – Greenville, SC – 26th Annual International Women On Wheels Ride-In – http://www.womenonwheels.org/htmlitems/ridein.html

10th – 12th, Tue-Thurs – McGregor, IA – Rally In The Heartland – 6th Annual National Vulcan Rally – http://www.vulcanriders.us/NationalRally/Default.aspx

10th – 15th, Tue-Sun – Grand Rapids, MI – Rivertown Bike Week Expo – Benefits The Wounded Warrior Project – * I’m A Little Confused By This One.  One Page Of Their Website Says 2012, Another 2013, And The Days (Of The Week) Listed Are For 2013.  I’ve Emailed For Clarification And Will Update If/When I Get A Reply * http://www.rivertownbikeweek.com/home.html

11th – 14th, Wed-Sat – Snowshoe, WV – West Virginia State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.wvstatehogrally.com/

11th – 14th, Wed-Sat – Sandy, UT – Utah State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.utstatehogrally.com/

11th – 15th, Wed-Sun – Maggie Valley, NC – RoadRunner’s Touring Weekend 2012 – http://www.roadrunner.travel/events/touring-weekend/

12th – 14th, Thur-Sat – Alexandria Bay, NY – New York State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.nystatehogrally.com/

12th – 15th, Thur-Sun – Cameron, OK – Deepwoods Rally – http://www.deepwoodsrally.com/

12th – 15th, Thur-Sun – Urich, MO – 4th Annual Grand River Rally – http://www.grandriverrally.com/

12th – 15th, Thur-Sun – Gettysburg, PA – Gettysburg Bike Week – http://www.gettysburgbikeweek.com/

13th & 14th, Fri&Sat – Grass Lake, MI – The Wheels Of Thunder – http://www.thewheelsofthunder.com/

13th & 14th, Minot, ND – North Dakota State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.ndstatehogrally.com/

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Hillsville, VA – Thunder On The Mountain – Helps To Support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital – http://www.vabikers.org/

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Wilson, NC – Easyriders Rodeo Tour 2012 – http://easyridersevents.com/rodeo2012/wilson2012.html

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Hazlehurst, MS – CMA Mississippi/Louisiana Ladies Conference – * Other Sources List This As A 2 Day Event Ending On The 14th.  The Event Is 3 Days, Ending On The 15th, As Referenced Above * http://cmaser6.org/pdf/Ladies%20Conference.pdf

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Sioux Falls, SD – Hot Harley Nights – Event Supports The Make-A-Wish Foundation – http://www.hotharleynights.com/

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – La Grande, OR – Blue Pine Rally – http://alpost43riders.org/blue-pine-rally-2/

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Salem, OR – Good Vibrations Rally – A Portion Of The Proceeds Benefit The Juvenile Diabetes Research Association – http://www.roadshowsreno.com/good_vibrations.php

13th – 15th – Fri-Sun – Klamath Falls, OR – Summer Fun Run – Helps Raise Funds For The Prevention Of Child Abuse – http://www.ripcityridersoregon.com/

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Norfolk, NE – ABATE of Nebraska State Rally – http://www.abateofne.com/2012StateRallyFlyer.pdf

13th – 15th, Fri-Sun – Rosburg, WA – ABATE Wildwood Rally – http://www.wildwoodrally.com/

15th, Sun – Issaquah, WA – 6th Annual Thundering Angels Rally – http://www.thunderingangels.com/2012ThunderingAngelsXXXRally.html

15th, Sun – Elgin, IL – Chicagoland Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/chicagoland.html

15th, Sun – White Bear Lake – Minnesota Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/minnesota.html

15th, Sun – Hugo, MN – 3rd Annual Bikers Battling Breast Cancer Minnesota Ride And Event – http://www.bbbcmn.com/

15th, Sun – Deerfield, NY – Utica Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/utica.html

15th, Sun – Springfield, MA – Indian Motorcycle Day 2012 – http://www.springfieldmuseums.org/calendar/view/1894-indian_motocycle_day_2012/07-15-2012

19th – 21st, Thur-Sat – Greenville, ME – Maine State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.mestatehogrally.com/

19th – 21st, Thur-Sat – State College, PA – Roar Thru The Valley – Pennsylvania State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.pastatehogrally.com/

19th – 21st, Thur-Sat – Erie, PA – Roar On The Shore Bike Rally 2012 – Grand Marshal Is Vanilla Ice – http://www.roarontheshore.com/

19th – 22nd, Thur-Sun – Sturgis, KY – Kentucky Bike Rally – Nobody Under 21 Will Be Admitted – http://www.kybikerally.com/

19th – 22nd, Thur-Sun – Springville, IN – 32nd Annual ABATE Of Indiana’s The Boogie – Nobody Under 18 Will Be Admitted – http://www.abateonline.org/events/boogie.html

19th – 22nd, Thur-Sun – Hollidaysburg, PA – 7th Annual Roar In The Mountains – http://www.roarinthemountains.com/

20th – 22nd, Fri-Sun –  Carlisle, PA – Fri-Sun – Carlisle Bike Fest – http://www.carlisleevents.com/events/bikefest/

20th – 22nd, Fri-Sun – Red Lodge, MT – Beartooth Rally And Iron Horse Rodeo – http://beartoothrally.com/

20th – 22nd, Fri-Sun – Mount Hermon, LA – 8th Annual Meet On The Creek Motorcycle Rally – * Other Sources List This As A 2 Day Event Ending On The 21st. The Event Is 3 Days, Ending On The 22nd, As Referenced Above *http://www.meetonthecreek.com/

20th – 22nd, Fri-Sun – Atlanta, GA – Curves And Chrome – Weekend Rally For Breast Cancer Cure – Rally Consists Of 3 Separate Events.  See Website For Details – http://www.bikersbattlingbreastcancer.org/

21st, Sat – Irvine Lake, CA – 4th Annual Freedom Coalition Fest 2012 – http://www.freedomcoalitionfest.com/

21st, Sat – Grass Valley, CA – 6th Annual Paul Orlandi Benefit Poker Run – Approximately 160 Miles – All Proceeds Go To Local Children’s Charities – http://www.porlandibenefit.com/ – Route Map = http://www.fuelandairsaver.com/_fileCabinet/documents/pdf/OrlandiFlyer.pdf

21st & 22nd, Sat&Sun – Mechanicsville, MD – MIROCK Bike Fest – http://www.mirockracing.com/events/bikefest.htm

22nd, Sun – Marysville, OH – Marysville Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/marysville.html

22nd, Sun – Wallingford, CT – MS Motorcycle Ride – No One Under 18 Allowed – http://www.nationalmssociety.org/chapters/ctn/fundraising-events/ms-motorcycle-ride/index.aspx

22nd, Sun – Independence, MO – Kansas City Swap Meet – http://www.jwswapmeet.com/kc.html

22nd, Sun – Calabasas, CA – Los Angeles Calendar Bike Show – http://www.fastdates.com/BIKESHOW.HTM

23rd – 25th, Mon-Wed – Rogers, AR – Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.arstatehogrally.com/

25th – 28th, Wed-Sat – Newton, IA – Iowa Grand Rally – Sons Of Anarchy Represented At Rally – http://www.iowagrandrally.com/

25th – 28th, Wed-Sat – Morgantown, WV – Mountainfest Motorcycle Rally – Trace Adkins Performing – http://www.wvmountainfest.com/

26th – 28th, Thur-Sat – Butte, MT – 10th Annual Evel Knievel Days – http://www.knieveldays.com/

26th – 29th, Thur-Sun – Butte, MT – Chrome Rush Days – Montana State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.mtstatehogrally.com/

28th, Sat – Sedro Woolley, WA – 3rd Annual Yellow Ribbon Poker Run – http://swcommunitytroopsupport.com/wordpress/attend-an-event/?ee=31

28th, Sat – Farmerville, LA – 6th Annual Louisiana Melon Run – Route Is Approximately 100 Miles Long – Benefits Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts –  http://www.louisianamelonrun.com/about.html

28th, Sat – Lathrop, CA – Bikes, Boats, And Bikinis – http://www.toomuchfunclub.org/

29th, Sun – Long Beach, CA – So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet – http://www.socalcycleswapmeet.com/

29th, Sun – Overland Park, KS – Kansas City Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/kansas-city.html

29th, Sun – Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Ride For Kids – Raises Funds For Children’s Medical Research (For Pediatric Brain Tumors) And Family Support Programs – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/knoxville.html

Upcoming Events – February 2012

Here are the events I’m aware of for February.  If you know of any others please send me the details so I can add them.

February 2012

3rd – 5th  (Fri – Sun) – Minneapolis, MN – International Motorcycle Show http://www.motorcycleshows.com/

4th  (Sat) – Knoxville, TN – Easyriders Bike Show http://www.easyridersevents.com/

4th – 6th  (Sat – Mon) – Cincinnati, OH – V-Twin Expo                     http://www.vtwin-expo.com/

10th & 11th  (Fri & Sat) – St. Louis, MO – Wide Open Bike Show & Indoor Swap http://www.wideopenmag.net/

10th – 12th  (Fri – Sun) – Timonium, MD – Timonium Motorcycle Show http://www.cycleshow.net/

10th – 12th  (Fri – Sun) – Columbus, OH – Easyriders Bike Show Tour http://www.easyridersevents.com/

11th  (Sat) – Tigard, OR – Sweetheart Ride                                        http://www.rose-city-mc.org/

18th  (Sat) – Arlington, TX – FIM World Championship Supercross http://www.supercrossonline.com/

18th & 19th  (Sat & Sun) – Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma Motorcycle Show http://www.jwswapmeet.com/2012okcshow.html

19th  (Sun) – Novi, MI – Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet http://www.motorcycleswap.com/

24th – 26th  (Fri – Sun) – Valley Center, KS – Park City Chill http://www.bartelproductions.com/

24th – 26th  (Fri – Sun) – Charlotte, NC – International Motorcycle Show http://www.motorcycleshows.com/

25th & 26th  (Sat & Sun) – Salem, NH – Northeast Motorcycle Expo http://www.kevmarv.com/