We’re Back !

After an extended absence necessitated by illness and a 1,000 (+) mile move back to my native state of Texas I am once again able to resume this blog.  I’ve missed it… not just the blog but the frequent riding that made it possible to do personal ride reports, commenting on (or the reporting of) various news items and rallies, not to mention the camaraderie of my biker brothers and sisters.  If you haven’t been out of this lifestyle for an extended amount of time because of necessity, not choice, then I doubt you can understand the feeling during that time period as well as the elation that comes from getting back “in the groove” as the old expression goes.  That said, let’s get on with the business at hand, i.e. changes to be made as well as what you can expect in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years.

This blog will soon undergo a minor URL change, which means if you’re accessing us from the old internet domain, not directly through Word Press, then you will need to delete the old URL and replace it with the new one (www.DixiesRiders.com – that’s with an “s” between Dixie and Riders).  Once you have viewed us through the new domain please “follow” us again to be sure you receive notifications about new posts.  I’m told once this change is completed our current followers will not receive updates.  I have no problem with, or complaints about, our current domain which was acquired through Word Press.  In fact, I’m so impressed with WP that I’m keeping my blog here, not setting up an independent one elsewhere.  They’re wonderful people and came to my rescue when sorely needed a couple of years ago. 

To better identify this “new” blog I need YOUR help.  I’m a terrible artist, simply terrible.  Even my handwriting looks like it should belong to a first grader.  Here’s where you come in… I would like to set up an icon, Gravatar pic, or whatever else you would like to call it, depicting the theme of this blog, but since I’m no artist and I’m sure a number of you are, I would appreciate you contacting me privately by either clicking HERE or going to the “Contact Us” link found at the top of every page.  Upon receiving your note I will let you know specifically what I’m looking for and will allow you to submit a sample for my review.  Credit will be given to the chosen artist, and the new pic will be attached to this blog as well as any other publication(s) and/or advertising associated with this blog.  Proper credit for your graphic(s) will be given anytime it/they is/are used.  No, there will not be any royalties involved.  I’m just a simple biker and blogger, not a wealthy millionaire.  😉


My plan is to continue with the same features already incorporated in this blog and add a few new ones as time to develop them allows.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what’s been presented in the past I’ll give a brief explanation of each below.

Nationwide List Of Upcoming Rallies, Poker Runs, Etc. – This is usually an extensive list, in “season”, of activities for bikers.  During the winter “lull” the list isn’t so long, but I do attempt to provide one so you can see what’s going on should you choose to brave the weather.  In the past the entries were listed first by date, then location, which seemed to work well so if a better suggestion is not received this listing will continue in the old format.  If you are aware of an upcoming event please send a private message by clicking HERE.  If possible include the name of the event, date and starting / ending time of the event, the sponsor if applicable, contact information for the sponsor if applicable, and a valid URL for the event.  I’ll be posting the first listing since returning to the blog in the next week or so (late February 2014) after I’ve had time to assemble the necessary information.

Ride Reports – Information, including full-size photos, of rides taken by this author.  Some will be scenic, some of historical nature, and others simply to what I hope is are interesting destinations.

Mystery Rides – These are rides that prompt you to guess where the ride will be, or was, by deciphering clues given here.  There are currently no prizes awarded for those who guess correctly, but YOU get the personal satisfaction of knowing you got it right and if it is ok with you I’ll publish your name/handle as the biker(s) correctly guessing the location.  In the future I may change this around occasionally by taking a picture of the destination then seeing if a reader can identify what and where it is.

Repair / Maintenance Reports – Currently these are specific to repairs and maintenance performed on my bike, a 1985 Honda Gold Wing Limited Anniversary Edition (with CFI) so other owners who may not have experience working on with this type of bike can perform these tasks.  All of these reports include photos of the work in progress, necessary part specifications, location of the part(s) involved, as well as wrench, socket, and driver sizes so you can begin the work prepared.  Other tips for efficiency or prevention of lost parts are also included.  If you wish to submit a similar report for your bike by all means let me know.  I would be glad to include other makes and models in these reports!


Biker Related News – I would like to begin including biker related news from not only the South, but from other areas of the country as well.  These would include new or modified laws, awards given to bikers or motorcycle clubs or organizations, accidents, safety related notices, news media reports concerning rallies, etc.  Since I don’t subscribe to a large number of papers, either in print or online, I need YOUR help again.  Please send newsworthy items through the CONTACT US link so I can post them in a timely manner.  I’ll give you credit for your submission(s).

Subscriber Photos – If you would like to submit for publication photos of your bike please click on the CONTACT US link.  I would be glad to include your quality (G or PG rated) photos here for others to see.  🙂  If you submit it, and I use it, you get credit for it!

Subscriber Rides – If you would like to submit your own ride report(s) I would be glad to publish them here.  Simply drop me a note through the CONTACT US link and I’ll give you an email address to send the submission to.  When finalizing your report please check the spelling (and correct any auto-correct blunders) before submitting and include color photos of key places along the route.  All photos should be a minimum of 800 pixels along at least one edge if possible.

Biker Related Advertising – If you own a motorcycle and/or biker related business or service and would like to have a link to it posted here let us know through the CONTACT US link.  We’ll get back to you with more specifics and requirements as soon as possible.

Other biker related items that would be relevant to this blog. – Do you have another item you feel should be included here?  If so, let me know.  I would be glad to include other items fellow bikers wish to see and/or read about here if it/they would be of general appeal.


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