One Thousand Mile Mark

The distance described in this post occurred on Monday, 25SEP2012

I made it!  🙂  Finally reached the One Thousand Miles Ridden mark with my “rebuilt” Goldwing. I took the following pic once I noticed I was nearing the mark because I wasn’t sure where the next safe spot to stop would be.

It’s a good thing I did because I thought the tripometer would record higher trip mileage since this bike is considered a “cruiser” or touring bike.  Oh well.  The odometer tells the story anyway.  There’s a “gadget” on the trip computer that allows one to either track riding mileage by counting up, or counting down.  Perhaps I should figure out how to use it, then use that to track waypoints… at least until I take a full-fledged trip!  😉  The pic below was taken at the first safe spot to pull over after the tripometer rolled over.

This is the view I had at that point.

I hope to be posting a ride report about this particular ride soon.  Once I do I’ll put a clickable link on this post.

Happy (and safe) Riding!


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