Hollywood Ride

The ride described in this post occurred on Monday, 10SEP2012

Today’s ride took me South of the Great Smoky Mountains into Georgia.  A couple of miles South of Clayton, GA is a “local” park called the “Rabun County Recreation Park”.  I like taking a few minutes off the road in parks like this.  They’re usually small, well maintained, have a picnic area, and uncrowded… especially on a week day.

This particular park has two pavilions which house the parks only picnic tables,

a few benches (some hand-made),

and a nice fishing pond.

The pond has its own residents who seemed to care less I was there as I walked around taking pictures.

Since I had seen this park before, in passing, I had planned to stop here for lunch, so with my lunch bag in hand I walked from the pavilions down to the pond.  It didn’t take long for me to be noticed this time.

As I approached the bench nearest the fishing dock I noticed something… Someone had lost their balls!  LOL

When I sat down and began taking my lunch out of the bag I got much more attention.

Soon my new friends were eating out of my hand.

Of course there’s always someone who has to be independent and do things their own way.  Hmmm, sounds a bit familiar.  😉

When lunch was over I bade farewell to my new friends and continued South on US-441.  The next town I came to was Tallulah Falls.  I’ll talk more about this town in another post.  The weather continued to be nice so I pressed onward until …

I can’t believe it.  I finally got to go to Hollywood!!!  Well, not THE Hollywood, but Hollywood, GA.  Lol  This is one of those small towns that the Georgia state highway system tried to forget, but despite the reduction in business because of the relocation of the highway, specifically US-441, this little town is hanging in there.  Kudos to them!  Not bad for a currently unincorporated town that was established way back in 1890.  The main body of what remains of the town now sits on “old” Historic US-441, a narrow 2-lane road.

Of course, the “new” US-441 is a 4-lane divided highway.

Personally, I prefer the charm of the old road, with its slower pace, stone houses, now defunct store-fronts, and farmland.  A person gets to see a lot more when riding at the reduced speed limit, 45 mph here, than whizzing by things at 65 or more mph.  Besides, the curves and hills are a lot more fun than the straighter, more level, highway nearby.

At Hollywood’s only “major” intersection is the Hollywood Diner.  I’ve heard other bikers talk about how good the food was there so I’ll stop in to check it out on another trip.  Besides, I’ve always liked the mom-and-pop restaurants.  The food is usually better than you would find at a franchise or chain restaurant, and the service is great.

Next door is a now closed motel.  Apparently it served as a convenience store sometime in its recent history,

and as a soda fountain, probably during the time it was operating as a motel.

Once I had cruised up and down the “main drag” a couple of times checking to see if there was anything I missed that I might want to check out I went back to the 4-lane and continued South for a couple more miles.  I was having a hard time convincing myself to head back home.

Just past the Southernmost city limit I saw a couple of buildings I had never noticed before, and certainly didn’t see them while I was cruising up and down the old highway.  I’ll have to check these out during another trip.  I’m assuming they are either condos or some sort of resort.

As you can tell from the photo the sky was now starting to become darker and threatening so I had an excuse to turn around and start home.  As soon as I made the u-turn I noticed this up on a hillside and had to stop for one last photo.

The yellow top plants look like giant Mustard plants that were at least 5 feet tall.  Most near the edge had grown past my shoulder height.  I assume these are wild Mustard plants.  If you know differently I would appreciate you letting me know what they are.

Well, this part of the sky looked much better than the sky on the other side of the road, but I had made the decision to head North so that’s what I did.  I found when I got home and checked my ride log this ended up being the second longest ride so far on this bike.  Rats!  I thought it was going to be the longest, but I missed that record by less than 2 miles.  😦  Oh well, another day, another ride.

If you have young children, or grand children, check back soon for a ride report that I’m sure will be of interest to them, or will at least bring back some memories for a few of us who had children growing up in the 80’s.  Hint… that’s my plan for the next ride. 🙂

Happy (and safe) Biking!


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