Upcoming Events – October 2012

Here are the events I’m aware of for October 2012.  If you know of any other events please send me the details, including a valid website link, so I can add them.  Events without their own website, or substantial information page/flyer, will not be added.  I also do not list “events” that are basically only advertising MC dealers or parts stores with only a reference to some brief customer-grabbing event.  I’m not against these retailers, some are close friends, however this type of “event” is considered to only be for the benefit of the retailer.

If you’re looking for an event to attend, but not finding quite what you’re looking for, check back here periodically.  I add new events as soon as possible after I’m informed about them.

New – When Possible, I Will Begin Including A Link To Charities Benefited By Various Events (if the event link does not explain the charity) So You Will Be Able To Check Them Out.

Also, it seems there are more and more “clothing optional” events now.  I have nothing against these personally, however since I am trying to keep this blog/site either “G” or “PG” rated so our youth can come here to learn about motorcycle related events I will not be posting information regarding these events.

Please click HERE for information about Event Photos.

October 2012 Events

4th – 6th, Thur-Sat – North Myrtle Beach, SC – South Carolina State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.scstatehogrally.com/ 

5th – 7th, Fri-Sun – Milledgeville, GA – Milledgeville Thunder Rally – * Must Be At Least 21 Years Old To Enter *http://www.milledgevillethunderrally.com/

7th, Sun – Webster, FL – Webster Auto And Cycle Swap Meet – http://www.cyclemeet.com/

7th, Sun – Peotone, IL – Peotone Cycle Show – http://www.peotonemotorcycleswap.com/

7th, Sun – Grapevine, TX – Dallas/Fort Worth Ride For Kids – Benefits The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/dallas-fort-worth.html

7th, Sun – Dallas, TX – 18th Annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Ride And Concert – http://www.srvrideandconcert.org/

7th, Sun – Colorado Springs, CO – 25th Annual High Country Toy Run – Proceeds Benefit Needy Children –  http://www.pro-promotions.com/pro-events/hctr

7th, Sun – Fairfield, CA – Northern California Ride For Kids – Benefits The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundationhttp://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/northern-california.html

10th – 14th, Wed-Sun – Panama City Beach, FL – 12th Annual Thunder Beach Autumn Rally – http://www.thunderbeachproductions.com/

11th – 13th, Thur-Sat – Lawton, OK – Oklahoma State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.okstatehogrally.com/

12th – 14th, Fri-Sun – Maui, HI – Hawaii State H.O.G. Rally – http://www.histatehogrally.com/

13th & 14th, Sat&Sun – Rockingham, NC – AHDRA Jim McClure Nitro Nationals – http://www.ahdra.com/schedrockfall2012.html

14th, Sun – Oklahoma City, OK – Motorcycle Swap Meet – http://www.jwswapmeet.com/oklahoma.html

14th, Sun – Kalamazoo, MI – Kalamazoo Cycle Show – http://www.kalamazooswap.com/

17th – 21st, Wed-Sun – Hatfield, AR – Changing Of The Colors Rally – http://www.cmausa.org/events/#58

18th – 21st, Thur-Sun – Daytona Beach, FL – 20th Annual Biketoberfest – http://biketoberfest.org/

19th – 21st, Fri-Sun – Alvarado, TX – B.A.R. Out With The Fall Rally – * Must Be At Least 21 Years Old To Enter *http://www.bikersadultrally.com/

19th – 21st, Fri-Sun – Palm Springs, CA – American Heat Motorcycle Weekend And Bike Competition – A Portion Of The Proceeds Benefit Local Charities – http://www.roadshowsreno.com/american_heat.php

21st, Sun – Cardiff, CA – San Diego Ride For Kids – Benefits The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/san-diego.html

21st, Sun – Mesa, AZ – Phoenix Ride For Kids – Benefits The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – * Other Sources Show This To Be On The 14th.  This Event Will Be Held On Sunday, October 21st *http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/events/2012/phoenix.html

21st, Sun – Independence, MO – Kansas City Motorcycle Swap Meet – http://www.jwswapmeet.com/kc.html

27th & 28th, Sat&Sun – Belle Rose, LA – AHDRA Cajun Nitro Nationals – http://www.ahdra.com/schedla2012.html

28th, Sun – Springfield, OH – So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet – http://www.socalcycleswapmeet.com/

31st – 3rd – Wed-Sat – Howey In The Hills, FL – Thunder In The Hills – Florida State H.O.G. Rally – Three Dog Night Will Perform On Saturday Night – http://www.flstatehogrally.com/

Happy (and safe) Riding!


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