Rider Training Course

This past Saturday (25 AUG) I participated in an “Experienced Rider Training/Safety Course” so I could reduce the cost of my motorcycle insurance.  This course is conducted using the rider’s bike, not a small 250 as used in the beginner courses.  I’ll have to admit this posed quite a challenge to me, not because the course itself was totally new to me (I have never taken such a course before) but because I’m still learning how to handle a bike that’s twice the size, and almost twice as powerful, as anything I’ve previously ridden.  I wish I had taken it sooner.  The instructors were very knowledgeable, and the riding instruction thorough.  Some of the exercises were things you would likely encounter if you were to ride “The Dragon“, which I have no intention of doing anytime soon, however I’m glad the course covered these things.  You never know what may happen during a “routine” ride.

The classroom portion of the course covered the mental and physical aspects of riding, safety apparel, increasing visibility, the effects of alcohol and other drugs (including over the counter medications) on a rider, and how to anticipate dangerous situations you may be riding into.

For the riding skills portion of the course we did a variety of elliptical runs, figure eights, weaving around 4 lines of cones spaced differently and in various configurations, emergency stops in the middle of a sharp curve, dodging objects (metal, potholes, and the like) in the road, emergency stops at normal cruising speeds, very low & high-speed turns, etc.  I highly recommend all riders take a similar course.  It would be invaluable for the new rider, or one who hasn’t ridden in a long time.

Sorry folks, no pics of this one.  The course was too intense and it just didn’t seem appropriate for the situation. 


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