Patience Revisited

For those of you who read my “Patience” post, the solution to the problem was guess number two.  😉  I had indeed put a wire in the wrong place… on the Solenoid.  I guess my memory isn’t what it used to be.  I thought I remembered 2 wires on each of the two 1/4″ posts.  There wasn’t.

One post, the right one, is only supposed to have one wire attached to it.  This goes to the starter.  The left one is supposed to have two wires, one comes directly from the battery and the other provides power to the CFI (Computerized Fuel Ignition) circuit and a couple of other places.  I had placed the CFI lead on the right post instead of the left.  The right post only receives power when one is actually starting the bike with the start button.  When one presses the “start” button it completes a circuit feeding power through the two small wires attached to the flat lugs at the front of the Solenoid, tripping a relay inside the Solenoid which in turn supplies power to the right post, activating the starter.  When the “start” button is released the power to this post is removed, so any time other than when starting the bike the post is “dead”.  The terminals have been left uncovered for the sake of the photo.  Everything was properly sealed after the photo was taken.

I can’t take all the credit for catching what the problem was.  I had posted a question on one of the Goldwing owner sites about my bike not starting after doing wiring repairs .  A member made the comment that he wondered it there was some sort of “fu-fu” with the Solenoid wiring.  This comment caused me to rethink the setup and take the time to go back to the photos taken when I first started this part of the electrical repairs.  Of course when I looked at the before and after photos the mistake stood out like a sore thumb.  Perhaps I should start checking the original photos more often.  😉

Happy (and safe) Biking!


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