I’m beginning to think this bike was sent my way to help me learn patience.  😉

Yesterday (Sunday) I completed replacing the charging and CFI system’s old-style “dogbone” fuses with the newer, much more commonly available, spade-type fuses in weatherproof cases.  I also hardwired around some charging circuit connectors and wiring blocks that weren’t doing their job.  I’ll post the process for both of these things when time permits me to do so the right way.  Today (Monday) I finished wrapping the voltage regulator wiring harness so the new wires don’t chafe, re-attached the voltage regulator, put the battery back in and cranked my bike.  Nothing.  😦

Well, almost nothing.  She’ll crank, and act like she wants to start, but as soon as I release the start button she dies.  If I hold the start button she’ll run until I release it, (yes, I know I shouldn’t do that) then it’ll die.  This has to be something to do with the wiring job.  There’s plenty of gas in the tank and the battery has a good charge.  I know exactly what I did, and to which wire… or at least I think I do.  I took plenty of before, during, and after pics, so correcting the problem shouldn’t be a big deal… just time-consuming.  I’ll probably find a solder joint I thought was strong that isn’t, or I’ll find I put a wire in the wrong place when I got distracted by a phone call or something else.

Oh well, I need to learn more patience.  Glad I have a good teacher!  🙂

Happy (and safe) Biking!


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