1985 Honda GL1200 LTD Fuel Filter Replacement Pt.1 of 2

How To Replace Honda’s Fuel Filter With NON-Honda Filter

On A 1985 Honda GL1200 LTD with CFI

Tools Needed = Ratchet, extension, 10mm socket (or wrench), 17mm box-end wrench, Vise-Grips.

Recommended Accessories = Nitrile Gloves, Zipper Top Bag/Small Box (or plastic jar) With A Lid, Thick Beach Towel.

Additional Parts Needed = M6-1.00 mm x 65 bolt (1), 6mm flat washer(1).

Fuel Filter = Fram G-3969 or other cross-referenced fuel filter.

This guide is intended only for the above mentioned motorcycle.  The general principles may be applicable to other models and/or brands, however for other bikes you definitely need to check with a qualified shop, dealer, or the manufacturers repair manual to verify the proper fuel filter and the recommended procedure.

I’ve written this guide assuming the reader has never replaced the Honda Fuel Filter with a Non-Honda Filter on a GL1200 LTD w/CFI before, and/or possibly never replaced a fuel filter before on any type of motorcycle.  As with any repair or maintenance procedure YOU are ultimately responsible for doing the job correctly and with the proper parts/tools.  Any third party who offers advice/instructions in good faith, based on their own experience(s), can not be held responsible for any problems and/or damage caused by your actions.  If there is something you do not understand ask someone to explain or clarify it.  Regardless of how easy, or difficult, a procedure is everyone has their first time, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about if something is unclear.

To get started – Assemble all of the above items to a spot within easy reach before begining the removal and replacement (R&R) process.  I recommend spreading a thick beach towel under the bike to catch any small parts which may be dropped, especially when working outdoors.  Even in a garage or similar area a dropped item may bounce, then roll away, when it hits a hard floor.  An old heavy beach towel properly placed will usually prevent this.

Fuel Filter removal/replacement should take place only when the engine is cool.  Attempting this while the engine is hot can cause a flash-fire.  My personal rule-of-thumb is to wait at least an hour after riding or running the engine for any reason for longer than a few seconds.

The ’85 GL1200 LTD w/CFI’s fuel filter is located on the Left side of the bike forward of the battery cover and to the right of the CFI cover.

The first step is to loosen the fuel lines above and below the filter.  Both turn counter-clockwise to loosen.  Use a 17mm box-end wrench for this.  A 17mm socket will work but it is an extremely tight fit and could scratch the paint on the “false tank”.  The wrench works much better.  You can go ahead and remove the lines from the filter if you wish, however I left them attached “finger tight” to keep the fuel from leaking out and to give some support to the filter while performing the next few steps.

After the fuel lines have been loosened remove the bolt that holds the metal retaining band that is around the fuel filter.  This bolt is to the immediate right of the fuel filter.  You will need a 10mm socket for this.  The bolt turns counter-clockwise to loosen.

Gently pull the retaining band to the left and away from the filter, then while holding the filter with one hand remove the lower fuel line first and allow the filter and both lines to drain into a non-breakable container.  There should be two crush-washers, one above and one below the banjo fitting (bolt) that secures the line(s) to the filter, one just under the head of the bolt, the other between the banjo fitting and the filter.  These washers should not be re-used.  New washers normally come with the fuel filters.  With Honda filters these washers are different sizes.  The larger one goes just under the head of the bolt, the smaller one goes between the banjo fitting and the filter, and yes, it *does* matter where they are placed.  The Fram filter’s washers are all the same size.

Since this bike is fuel injected instead of having a carb, removing the fuel line(s) from the filter will not drain the tank regardless of which position the fuel switch (on the opposite side of the bike) is in.  After draining the filter and lines dispose of the fuel properly according to regulations for your area.  Please don’t just pour it onto the ground!

Now completely remove the upper line from the fuel filter, again while holding the filter with your other hand.  Place the old filter to the side for disposal later.

Now it’s time to install the new fuel filter.  Notice the Honda filter is smaller than the Fram and other brands of fuel filters.

Continued In Part 2 of 2


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