Well, I had hoped to have more to report for my readers, but the weather has put somewhat of a damper on my progress, which is really nothing new to those familiar with biking.  Winter typically slows down all but the most hardy of us.  In the past I would ride regardless of the temps as long as the road was safe.  Granted it takes more prep to keep from freezing during the winter, but to me it was always worth it.  Once I take care of some of the basic items that were listed on my “Starting From Scratch ” post I’ll take advantage of the off-season slow-down at the shops to have a final check-out of my bike before hitting the road again.  I know I’ll be riding locally, but I don’t have any idea where the first road trip will take me.  My mind is whirling with tons of prospective destinations.  Assuming all will be a go by the first week in March, Daytona Beach (FL) Annual Bike Week will be my destination of choice, however since I still haven’t been able to give my bike the thorough going over it needs I can’t make that decision yet.  Should I miss that target date I’ll probably plan a trip to either the east or gulf coast and soak up some sun while breathing in the much missed ocean air.  One place I won’t be going until I’m thoroughly familiar with the bike is Tail of The Dragon at the NC/TN state line near Fontana Lake.  I love that road, but I have no desire to become one of its statistics.  If you follow the link you’ll see why I feel this way.

What’s been slowing me down is a dry place out of the wind and dirt to work on my bike.  My driveway is mostly dirt with a little gravel, the house is on stilts, has no garage or car port, and I’m converting the lower area (which was totally open when I moved in) to a woodworking shop and storage area.  If I knew I’d be getting this bike when I started the remodeling I would have planned at least a storage and maintenance area for my bike.  The purchase of this bike was one of those “take it or lose it” things.  I purchased the bike from a friend I’ve known for around ten years.  He offered it to me a couple of years ago but I was not in a position, financially, to purchase it.  When he offered it to me again a few weeks ago at a much reduced price I couldn’t afford not to take him up on the offer, at least not if I wanted a good bike anytime soon.  Now I have the bike but no decent place to perform routine maintenance or store it, so it sits outside, semi-protected by the original rain cover that came with it when new.  To protect the areas not covered I cut some plywood and leaned strips of it against the bike with the top edges under the cover to keep rain, snow, and sun off the lower portions.  This bike has been garage kept since its initial purchase.  I almost feel sorry for it now.  I’m sure it feels neglected and abused.  As soon as I can take some time to build a dry, warm area free from blowing dirt and sand it’ll get the care and protection it’s been used to all of it’s 27 year life.

I’ll let you know how this project goes, and will post the March events I’m aware of at my next opportunity.  Eventually I’ll provide you with all of the known (to me) 2012 bike events.  Again, please let me know of about events I may leave out so they can be added to the list, even if they’ve already happened and are annual events.

Happy (and safe) Biking!


3 thoughts on “Stymied

  1. Love the old Honda’s! Love the new ones! As the back seat rider, I can tell you I love the comfort… and the size helps with safety! Guy gives TLC to our bike, and parks it in the garage… only after cleaning it up after our rides. When we drove home 12 hours in one day, he could barely stand up at the end… but managed to get the ride clean and shiny before calling it a day!

    • He sounds a lot like me. I’m so bad that my neighbor who meticulously restores antique autos told me a few days ago that I was so picky with my bike I was putting him to shame. lol

  2. My 32 year old Honda is in much the same way… I was storing it in the garden shed in the back, then I snagged one of the saddle bags on the fence gate, not to mention I’m screwing up my yard… my garage houses my wife’s car. So it’s time for me pour some concrete and build a lean to. My bike had been babied up until me, Indoor storage, probably climate controlled. When I got her last year she had 20,000 on the clock. she now has 36,000. I take good care of her, but I ride her. And she didn’t make it this long looking this good stored in a shitty garden shed. Currently she’s under a covermax cover, it does a good job of keeping the wet off. I’ll feel better when she’s under a rigid structure.
    Rubber down!

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